Social Skills for Teenagers with Aspergers, Autism, and Intellectual Disabilities:


YES they Matter!

Many adolescents and young adults with autism and other disabilities now have an improved quality of life as a direct result of the professional videos and fun lessons developed by Social Signals.

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Social Signals is dedicated to teaching friendship and romantic relationship skills to people who are on the autism spectrum or have intellectual disabilities. Mike’s Crush teaches relationship and social skills that are desperately needed, but rarely taught.

Teenagers with Aspergers or autism often struggle with middle school and high school relationships. Until now there have been few resources available to teenagers, parents, and teachers to address this unmet need. Social Signals has developed evidenced-based videos and a curriculum that teach friendship and romantic relationship skills.

Why is this important?

We use these social skills every day, our whole lives. Making friends, hanging out, and wanting a girlfriend or boyfriend are part of everyday life for teenagers. But these simple interactions often make parents, teens, and teachers nervous, cautious, and unsure. Teenage relationships are often messy, hard, and complex. However, teenagers with Aspergers and autism must learn these social skills or it can impact their ability to have safe and healthy relationships as adults. Teenagers with Aspergers and on the autism spectrum can’t learn age-appropriate social skills alone; they need our help. Observing and practicing relationship skills is the best way for teenagers with Aspergers and autism to understand the complex interactions happening around them. Social Signals teaches healthy relationship skills at a developmentally appropriate age. When teenagers with Aspergers and autism make mistakes, which they will, there is a safety net in place at home and in school.